• ​Reviewing and sensitizing cash flow and business plan projections
  • Performing due diligence, analyzing collateral and monitoring your portfolios
  • Assisting in credit-crisis situations and suggesting trouble-credit restructuring alternatives
  • Supporting securitizations and providing backup management services


Federal Contractor Solutions provides analytical and advisory services to lenders,

as well as unsecured creditors of distressed borrowers.

Our lender service experts will assess the key areas of concern to include the current status of the distressed borrower's operating environment, liquidity position & business plan.

For companies that are planning to complete a transaction, or already have,

and also have a market position that substantially lessens competition,

FedConSol can act as a Monitoring Trustee on their behalf.

The biggest aspect of our monitoring ​services is to assure lenders that any government contracts held by their clients are in full compliance with the DCAA,

and are adequately funded.

F i n a n c i a l    &    b a n k i n g    S E R V I C E S